Airdrop Token Distribution Announcement

Charnetwork has an exciting announcement for all of our Airdrop participants!

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ChartokenAirdrop Token
Distribution Announcement

  • As a way of showing our heartfelt thanks to the Charnetwork community for their continued attention and support toward our project, we are going to announce that the airdrop KYC and distribution is now open for you to start the process.
  • The Chartoken Airdrop Campaign ran between September 15 and September 25:
  • Chartoken Round 1: 1500 Char
  • Chartoken Round 2: 1000 Char
  • In our previous announcements, Charnetwork initially offered 500 Char tokens to Airdrop participants' accounts after they register successfully. The remaining Char tokens will be distributed to your ETH wallet when we announce.
  • Important Notes for Airdrop Participants:
  • Please read the following points carefully, you must understand and follow these steps precisely.
  • All users must do KYC to withdraw 500 Char from Web wallet.
  • If you fail KYC for any reason, you will NOT get your Char token.
  • After you start the withdrawal of your tokens, you cannot change the receiving wallet your Char will be sent to. Check carefully it is the correct address and the wallet is ERC20 compatible.
  • These tokens will not be tradable until Char token is live on exchanges.

Step 1: Sign In

  • Note: Airdrop users already have an account made. You do not need to create an account!
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    Step 2: Complete KYC

    • Once you have signed in, you will be asked to provide some identifying information for KYC. We have simplified this process for users who participated in the airdrop so it will be quicker to complete.
    • You must fill in your information correctly for the KYC steps. If you do not provide true and accurate information, you will not receive your Char token.
    • Once you have completed KYC, your details will be reviewed. This process will usually take up to 48 hours, however, due to the large number of users who participated in the airdrop, this could take longer at busy times.

    Step 3: Withdraw your Char token

    • After you have completed your KYC successfully, you will be able to withdraw your Char token.
    • On this page, you will be asked to check the receiving wallet address. This is the address your Char token will be sent to. Double-check to make sure this is the correct address and that the wallet is ERC20 compatible.
    • As always, if you have questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

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